sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Quentin Morewood words

I am a writer.

As a writer, you learn that 
everyone you meet has a story.
Every bartender,
every taxi driver has an idea that
would make a great book.

Presumably, each of you has an idea.
But how do you get from there to here? [James Leer laughs laughs at the back of the room]
What is the bridge from the water's edge of inspiration
to the far shore of accomplishment?

Faith that your story 
is worth the telling.
Faith that you have
the wherewithal to tell it
and faith that the carefully woven structure that 
you creat won't collapse beneath you.

Faith that when you get
to the other side
there'll be someone
who gives a damn 
about the tale 
you have to tell.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

importancia del primer borrador

Sin un primer borrador, no tienes nada. Quizá una historia en la cabeza, a lo mejor un libro en el cuerpo, pero nada objetivo, real, sólo el propósito o la amenaza. El primer borrador es indispensable para reescribir, pulir el trabajo. O para desecharlo: la historia no levanta, ya sea por falta de talento o porque se ha resuelto mal el problema planteado (no se ha encontrado la estructura adecuada).

sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

La Culebra

When Colosio was assassinated in Lomas Taurinas, Tijuana, on the stage was blaring this song, The snake, even it seems that was used by involved. Or I get that impression, by the lyrics (in some parts it says "to kill", which could indicate an order for murderers).

A lot of people accuse Salinas, who drew to the nomenclature of PRI: Echeverría. I don't think so. Perhaps within the PRI, but drug trafficking. NYT associated the current president of the PRI as a partner of The Lord of Heaven. The fact is, being governor of Sonora, Colosio's home state, he questioned Mario Aburto while him being taken to Mexico City.